This Chinese development program dates back to the year 1990. The government, food nutritionists and various standard commissioners felt the urge to emphasize on the importance of green food consumption for better living in China. Apart from human sustainment, Green Food was a huge consideration due to its environmental preservation effect such as maintaining pollution. Farmers were also much benefitted from this program consistency as it enabled them to earn income from production and supply of green produces. Besides, as food security has been a universal calamity for various unprepared nations, the China government felt the need to accentuate on Organic and Green Food production to prevent such instances.
The Green Food in China strategy has also helped to grow China’s economy through export activities, food production costs from labor requirement (that has generated opportunities) and environmental preservation. Moreover, the growth noted in trading of Greed Food and Organic products from China is increasing throughout the years to millions of hectares of land, with interested trading partners crowding in the Chinese Green Food markets.